Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Old for New - Story in a Super Anthology

Sold my third superhero story a few weeks back to Meerkat Press! Their anthology, Behind the Mask, is scheduled for publication in May 2017 and will contain my story: Salt City Blue. I didn't write this piece specifically for the submission call but it is a very good fit. 

The website blurb goes something like this:

We’ve got stories about heroes and villains and sidekicks-in-training, with action, heroics and, yes, Spandex of almost every shape, size and color. But what captivated us most in each of these stories was the depth of the characters. The collection, which follows extraordinary individuals as they face ordinary challenges—celebrates the superhero genre but manages to push its boundaries as well.

There are some fantastic authors involved in this project, including:

Kelly Link
Cat Rambo
Seanan McGuire
Lavie Tidhar
Carrie Vaughn
Sarah Pinsker

Check out the full line-up here.

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